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Blue eyed Baby Luca – what a bundle of joy!

November 22, 2010

I was very lucky to have a photo shoot with cute 10 months old baby boy Luca. We took some pictures on our Beach in Milford, CT as well as in Booth Park in Stratford. In the end, I followed his parents to New Haven, CT to have dinner and while there, I managed to get one more snap shot of him – reading the Yale News. Mom and Dad – you might want to start saving up now!! *wink*. We had a great time. He was a little shy that day and did not at all like to look into the camera – yet we got some fantastic photos out of this little session – without any stress. Everyone was having fun and wow did we laugh a lot!

Enjoy a few selected photographs from our productive and fun day:

In the beginning, Luca was not so sure what to make off this – he had never seen such a big sand box before.

This photo was taken “against the sun” – which created the nice highlights in the back. Yet, his face got enough light to show is big blue eyes and this pretty smile.

Baby Luca on the Beach / children photographer CT

What a beautiful toothless smile! Time for some hide and seek at Zanzibar…

Luca - 10 months / CT children photographer

… there you are – behind this photographer – I found you *smile*.

Luca - looking around the corner / CT kids photographer

Daddy still is a big child himself and so he wanted to get his fair share of play time as well. Luca enjoyed this a lot!

Baby play time / CT kids photographer

I love this little foot – so cute and tiny!

baby foot / Connecticut baby photographer

Doesn’t he look great with this bandana? A real beach boy :)

Luca - 10 months old baby boy / kid photographer CT

Time for a change of location…

Baby boy laughing / children photographer CT

Booth park in Stratford, CT is a fun place – especially for kids. There is so much to explore.

Baby on old Mill stone / CT children photographer

We had a slight disagreement on wether or not a hat was needed ;)

baby in blue / baby photography CT

Luca just had discovered how to make a new sound by pressing his lips together -brrrbrbbrbrrr. We could not get him to stop doing it. But hey – if it’s fun – why not!

baby crawling / CT children photography

Time to read the news – at Yale University in New Haven.

baby reading the news / CT children photography

Looking to get some pictures taken of your kids? Contact me and I would be happy to capture your baby’s smile!

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