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Old Buildings and rusty cars make great Backgrounds for Portraits

November 23, 2010

It does not always have to be a fancy or chic location – in fact, some old and falling down buildings make spectacular backgrounds for outdoor lifestyle and portraits photographs. And so do old cars! Here are some examples of portraits taken in those abandoned locations.

Young man’s portrait in front of a building with falling off paint

Ivan old building / portrait photographer CT

man portrait / CT portrait photographer

This photograph was taken in front of a “hole in the wall” – some light also shines thru the holes in the ceiling and produces great highlights in the back.

Portrait black and white  / CT portrait photography

Even in a black and white photograph the  unevenly painted wall creates a nice pattern of light and dark spots.

Portrait young man / Portrait photography CT

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. This photograph was taken in Milford, CT.

man in tunnel / Portrait photographer CT

And this is for all the car lovers out there… A young girl posing in front of an old car for a lifestyle photo.

Portrait young woman / Portrait photographer CT

“Something old” – what a cool and different background for an engagement photo. These two love birds were certainly enjoying it.

Couple in front of old car  / engagement photographer CT

So keep your eyes open when driving around – you will be amazed how many great shooting locations you will discover right around the corner – be creative!

Want some fun portrait of lifestyle photos of yourself? Check out my Portrait and Love Bird Packages.

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