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A 20 Minute Puppy Photo Shoot / CT Pet Photographer

November 26, 2010

Photographing pets is great fun – but photographing a cute puppy is sweetness pure!

This rescue puppy came up to Connecticut last week to go to his new foster home near Milford. And since Critter Cavalry did not have any good photos of this little boy for their petfinder ad, I volunteered to take a few quick photographs. We have noticed recently, that professional pet photos help a lot to find our adorable rescue puppies a new home. Let’s hope that these photographs will help to get Frankie Blue Eye adopted. Contact me if you are interested in him.

The following puppy photos will give you a good idea off what is possible in only a short “snap shot” photo session:

Welcome to CT – puppy cuddle time

Welcome to CT / Pet Photographer

Time for Frankie to go outdoors and explore the beach – this photo nicely captures the puppy’s sky blue eyes – which gave him the name “Frankie blue eye”

Puppy exploring the beach / pet photographer CT

All this fresh air is making Frankie hungry – here is a funny snapshot of the puppy chewing on the christmas hat. He has a lot of skin to grow in to :)

Puppy eating Santa hat / Milford pet photographer

Time to run around with the other two puppies – looking for trouble :) Three cute puppy butts can be seen in this photograph.

three little puppy butts / CT pet photographer

Nap time. In this photo Frankie seems to say: “please no more paparazzi”!

puppy paw / pet photography CT

In less then 20 minutes we got enough photo material for petfinder – and a nice memory for our foster mom.

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