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Winter Time is Cuddle Time in CT – enjoy these heartwarming puppy photos

November 28, 2010

When it gets cold and dark outside we just want to cuddle or snuggle under a warm blanket. Turn the oven or fireplace on – drink a cup of hot tea – and stay warm. The same is true for our furry friends. Especially puppies are cuddle bugs per excellence! Enjoy these puppy cuddle photographs – they will warm you from the inside!

Photograph 1: Three adorable puppies –  all warm and cozy in a big basket

Puppies snuggling / ct pet photographer

Photograph 2: Puppies getting even closer together – what is going on out there!?

snuggl pupps / puppy photographer CT

Photograph 3: Nap time – this is how three puppies fit on one blanket

All three puppies cuddling / CT pet photographer

Photograph 4: Puppy Frankie makes a perfect pillow for Elvis

puppy pillow / pet photography CT

Photograph 5: Puppies Lindsay and Elvis getting closer

snuggle bugs / CT puppy photographer

Photograph 6: Puppies in love

Puppy love / CT pet photographer

Photograph 7: Tangled up puppy paws

puppy paws / CT pet photographer

Photograph 8: Puppy Lindsay is whispering a well kept secret into Elvis’s ear

puppy whispering / ct pet photography

How are you going to stay warm this winter?

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  1. Candace Simpson-Giles permalink
    December 12, 2010 8:57 am

    I love all your photos….but especially love this series of photos of three puppies….all from different
    litters and such a beautiful group of well adjusted and fun puppies who get along instantly! Could it
    be they have a great CCR family connection? And that trip they ALL took up from New England…what a journey at such a young age? You have some wonderful photos that mean so
    much for us to see back home in Tennessee where they all first started!!! Thank you Steffi for documenting their sweetness… those PAWS!!!! Candace

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