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Reflections make for great pet, people and landmark photographs

December 1, 2010

Many people think this time of the year is not ideal for taking pictures. The great colors of the fall are gone and there is no snow yet to turn everything into a white and sparkling winter wonderland. Instead these days in late November and early December are often rainy and grey.

Well, this might be true – but there is one element at this time a year that makes for great photographs: water!  At no other time of the year can we find so many water “puddles” all over the place – and look at the beautiful reflections that give us plenty of motives to photograph. No matter where you are – and what your subject of photography – this element can be used for all. And it adds a completely new perspective/dimension to your photos.

Here are some examples on how to use reflections as an element in creative photography:

Of course, I like to apply this style element to my pet photos. Reflections create a very peaceful, poetic and thoughtful atmosphere. This is the reason, we choose the following photo for our promotional card and thank you note for CCR:

pet reflection postcard / CT pet photography

But you can apply this element to pretty much any area of photography. This photo shows a reflection of the brooklyn bridge – a nice example for reflection used for creative city photography.  Suddenly, photo objects appear a lot closer than they really are:

reflection brooklyn bridge / CT photographer


How much more interesting do these train power lines look when the photo is taken of their reflection! It more over gives the photographer the opportunity to combine elements that usually don’t come together – as here the yellowish leaves with the power lines.

Train reflection / urban photography CT

A photographer can further use reflections to create a more vivid background. In this photo, the reflection of a yellow tree makes the pond look golden – which creates a nice contrast to the black and white birds swimming on it. The atmosphere is very warm in this photograph. Had the photo been taken without the reflection but instead off the plain and somewhat dirty water – it would have had a very colorless background that would have created an almost sad atmosphere.

ducks in gold / Ct animal photographer

While the above photographs show the reflection only, you can as well integrate the object of reflection into the photo – and create a mirror image. This technique works well with nature…

beach reflections / CT photographer

…and can also be applied to architecture – as the following photograph of beach houses on silver sands beach in Milford, CT in the sunrise demonstrates:

Milford, CT beach houses in sunrise/ CT photography

So don’t be sad when it rains outside – because after the rain a beautiful world awaits you. Grab your photo camera and take advantage of the natural mirrors out there! So get inspired and be creative!!

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