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Shizu Coco – Christmas photo shoot / CT pet photographer

December 3, 2010

Today I met adorable Shizu Coco for a christmas photo shoot.

Here is his story: His owner found Coco running on the streets and when no one claimed this cute puppy, she went ahead and adopted him. This seems as if it was meant to be :)

And here are the photos from todays session:

Photo 1: Coco on the beach. I really like the natural color scheme in this one – with all the beige, brown and golden tones.

Coco on the beach / CT pet photographer

Photo 2: Since Shizu Coco did not like to sit, we added the red bucket to the picture. Look at these big round eyes!

Shizu Coco / CT pet photography

Photo 2b: These motives are great to play with saturation – leave the red but reduce all other colors – the result looks like an old time photograph, doesn’t it?

Old time pet photo / CT dog photographer

Photo 3: Close up

close up Coco / CT pet photography

Photo 4: The close up looks great in black and white, too.

Coco black and white / pet christmas photography

Photo 5: The landscape format gives more space to add text for a christmas card. And the golden star adds to the christmas theme.

dog christmas photo shizu

Photo 6: Last but not least – a pet christmas card with Coco :)

Dog christmas card photo Milford CT

Do you like these pictures? Please share the link with family and friends :)


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  1. Candace Simpson-Giles permalink
    December 3, 2010 5:07 am

    As usual…your work is remarkable and inspiring. WIsh I could have you down here in Nashville,TN taking photos of our foster dogs and some of my own personal ones for Christmas!! You have a gift Steffi….and you ARE a gift to all who know you !
    Keep following your passion….photography that captures the true essence of the person and the
    pets!!! You have the gift to do that!

  2. December 7, 2010 3:41 am

    Thank you Candace! The girl/lady was very happy with the pictures, too! Yay! That is what I am usually most concerned about. It was my first Shizu photo shooting – I love love love these big eyes!!

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