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Jillian’s Christmas card pet photos – dog lifestyle photography CT

December 10, 2010

Winter has arrived – yet there are a few more days to go until CHRISTMAS. Still enough time to take last minute pet photos for this year’s christmas cards :)

Today, I had the honor to photograph the two dogs off our foster mom Jillian. McGregor is a 4 year old puggle and Clyde a retriever-mutt. Both dogs were full off energy – so it was not an easy task to get them to sit or stand still – but with humor and patience we managed to get it done :) Jillian has been a great help for Critter Cavalry Rescue and I am very happy and thankful to have her in our wonderful rescue team.

I  picked the Milford Duck Pond for today’s christmas pet photo shooting. At this time a year the beach get’s a little grey and deserted – so it was time for a change of scenery!  Thanks to the freezing cold weather, some parts off the pond are frozen – and the ice makes a “cool” background. Other parts off the water are still reflecting the colors and shapes of the buildings – which looks really pretty in the afternoon light.

Enjoy a few selected quickly edited pictures (not the final version yet – still need the last touch up) from today’s photo shoot:

Picture 1: Close-up Profile Photo of cute puggle McGregor in front of the frozen pond. There is enough space above the dogs head to include a Christmas Greeting – if wanted.

pet photo Mc Gregor Milford CT dog photography

Picture 2: Dog profile picture – Puggle McGregor

pet photo Mc Gregor 2 Milford CT dog photography

Picture 3: This dog has a lot of thinking to do in this photograph – I love the wrinkles!! Way cute this little puggle!

wrinkles - pet photography CT

Picture 4: McGregor’s dog christmas photo :)

christmas pet photo Milford CT photographer

Picture 5 – Snap shot: Good dogs give a kiss to say thank you. Amazing how they can touch their nose with their tongue ;)

dog kiss - pet photographer CT

Picture 6: Retriever-mutt Clyde was not as comfortable in front of the camera than his brother – so he had to go sit in mommy’s lap.

lap dog / pet photographer CT

Stay warm and look out for more winter puppy photos in the next days!

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