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NYC Snapshots – December 2010

January 2, 2011

New York City is famous for its Christmas window displays – especially the big department stores are known for their magical and fun decorations. Year after year locals and tourists come into the city to take a look at these colorful and amazing arrangements.

This year – however – the Christmas window displays in NYC were less colorful and less festive than in the past years and were often kept very minimalistic. Even the big department stores that are well known for their Christmas decorations and displays obviously cut back their budgets and one could sense quite some disappointment from people walking past or standing in front of the windows. Bloomingdale’s for example only had a very few displays – which could be found on Lexington Avenue – but all there was were a few flatscreen TVs. The windows of Saks on 5th Avenue were ok but not anywhere as good as in the last years. And even Macy’s did not live up to their usual standards.

One store that stood out on the positive side and did not adopt the minimalistic theme  was the Anthropologie by the Rockefeller Center. Just as last year, they had all their windows decorated in a unique, colorful, artistic and creative way.

Photographs of Anthropologie holiday window displays 2010:

Photo 1: a cozy cave – with a fun arm chair and colorful pillow as well as a wood stove.

Photograph Antrophologie window display NYC 2010

Photo 2: Close up: Another little house in the snow – colorful and fun.

Closeup photo Anthropology window display NYC Christmas 2010

Photo 3: Multicolored tree houses – made from (recycled?) fabric

Photograph of Anthropologie window display 2010 - tree houses

Photo 4: As if to make fun of (or criticize?) this year’s minimalistic theme, one window display of Anthropologie took that motto to the extreme:

Anthropologie minimalistic window display NYC 2010 photographer

But even with the holiday window displays of the department stores being less glamourous and fun as they used to be in recent years, there was still a lot to discover in NYC in December 2010. The Chelsea Market – for example – surprised with a nice, creative yet festive decoration:

Photograph of Chelsea Market in NYC at Christmas 2010

And some stores inside the market made up for the lack of traditional Christmas window displays with other fun objects – as for examples these bright blue cookie monster cup cakes:

Photograph of cookie monster cup cakes NYC

And also at some of the Christmas markets in NYC you could find some colorful and sparkling Christmas magic:

Christmas Market NYC 2010 - photograph of glass necklace ornaments

As a conclusion: NYC is certainly worth a visit around Christmas Time – and sometimes the Christmas magic and holiday atmosphere can be found in places where you expect it the least! So go out, have fun, enjoy the city and just don’t get to hung up on the holiday window displays. There is so much more to discover – in NYC – at Christmas time!

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