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Colorful New York City – December 2010

January 3, 2011

I just edited some more colorful photos from NYC in December – at Christmas time – and I decided to share them here. These are not the typical New York photos you know or might expect – but I think these snap shots are fun because they are a little different! And hopefully they will make you smile, too :)

When walking the streets of Manhattan this December, these purple cabbages could be seen everywhere. And in case you really liked them and wanted to take them home – you are in luck: They are sold by local farmers at the Union Square Green Market. Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Visit their website for more information.

Purple cabbage in NYC / NYC and CT photographer

There is much more to be found on the green market. As for example, at the north-west corner of the market you get tasty fresh hot apple cider for only $1 a cup – while you pay up to two to four dollars almost everywhere else. Also, I found these colorful herbs, tea blends and spices at the market. They not only looked really good – the smell was even better.

Spices and herbs at union square green market / NYC photographer

Just a little north of union square on Broadway is a little yet fun store called Fishs Eddy. They sell kitchen wear with NYC, Manhattan and Brooklyn designs – as well as with other innovative and fun themes. This year I discovered their invention ware – well, this one I’ll let you discover for yourself :). Usually, their window displays are kind of fun, too. The inside of the store reminds you of an old barn and – depending on in which corner of the shop you are – sets you back into the 70’s and 80’s. It’s well worth checking out – and you might find a nice and unique gift for someone back home. The website shows you their complete selection and also tells the story behind the store.

Fishs Eddy's window display / photograph

I found those colorful pillows at the Union Square Christmas Market. A fun place for a little stroll – yet I found nothing very special being offered there. Mostly the typical christmas market goods – from scarfs and hats over NYC photographs and necklaces.

colorful fabrics union square christmas market / nyc photography

These Lovebugs can be found at Jacques Torres Chocolates – besides many more phantastic sweets and treats. The store at Hudson Street is set up as a little cafe – where you can enjoy a nice hot chocolate while watching how the pralines are being made. Check out their website for further information.

Love bugs / NYC and CT photographer

If you are more for Crepes – check out Vive la Crepe! in Greenwich Village. Take out or eat in – it’s up to you!

Vive la Crepe - NYC and CT photographer

New York City cup cakes are the “big thing” right now. These colorful and sometimes quite artistic sweets can be found all over the city. They are often extremely sweet – so be prepared :) As a little note: stay away from the “oh so famous” magnolia bakery! Not only is their service terrible but there is not a single table to sit and enjoy your drink or cup cake. Instead there are tons of tourists taking photos. And even their cup cakes are rather blend and boring. Instead – find a little local bakery. One of my favorite cup cake place is Butter Lane in the East village. It’s a small yet cozy and friendly place – with a few seating possibilities in- and outdoors. Their opening hours are: Sun and Mon 11 am to 10 pm/ Tues through Thurs 11 am to 11 pm/ Fri and Sat 11 am to midnight. Check out their website!

NYC cup cakes / NYC and CT lifestyle photographer

Thirsty for a cup off coffee. Keep your eyes open for the bright orange Mud mobile :) This photo was taken at Astor Place.

Mud Coffee in NYC / NYC and CT lifestyle photography

In generell try to stay away from any chain restaurant or cafe in NYC – there are charming little local places everywhere – with better prices, nicer atmosphere and often outstanding food and drinks. This photo for example was taken in Brooklyn – we found it by chance and were not disappointed. Good food and service!

Coffee in Brooklyn, NY / NY and CT lifestyle photographer


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