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Snow Puppies – Rottweiler Mixes Socks and Molly

January 7, 2011

I have decided to add something to my dog posts: So from now on I will start these blogs with a little info on the breed of the dog that I photographed. Obviously, a lot of the puppies and dogs that I’ve been taking photos off are mixes/mutts – but usually at least the dominant breed can be determined. So that’s what I will write about. Ok – here we go:

Rottweilers: are known to be very loyal and can get fairly protective – this makes them a perfect guard dog and valuable police dogs. Other characteristics are even-tempered, good naturedintelligent, calm yet playful, easy to train and eager to please. This powerful, hard working dog needs plenty of exercise and loves to run and swim. A good way to release some of the endless energy is to play catchRotties like company and strive attention – and they tend to get bored when not given anything to do. Agility games and other activities are very stimulating to them and will be much appreciated. This courageous breed makes a great companion for confident owners who can take over the leadership role. If you ever win a Rotties heart – you are guaranteed a  friend for a life time!


So it looks as if winter has finally arrived – and for the 2nd time this year we are getting some fluffy white snow :). This is very exciting for the Rottie mix puppies who have not ever seen or smelled or eaten snow before. Turns out: They love it!

Before the snow got to heavy I took the chance to get some puppy portrait photographs taken. Now I’m waiting for the wind to slow down to take a couple more pet lifestyle photos on the beach or in the park – but this might have to wait a day or two. At the moment, the wind is blowing heavily and the snow is coming down pretty good. A perfect time to be inside – editing some photographs from this morning :) And here are the results:

Photograph: Puppy Socks is not quite sure yet what to make out off the white stuff. But he knows how to look cute for the camera.

Puppy Socks in the snow / CT dog photographer

Photograph 2: He decided to wait and see.

Puppy Socks winter / CT pet portrait photography

Photograph 3: Puppy Molly is staying warm on Casey’s arm – but not for long…

Puppy Molly on arm / CT puppy photographer

Photograph 4: This puppy is quite smart – she quickly found out that the wooden log is so much warmer than this wet cold snow under the paws. And on top of this, the view is great from here – overlooking the whole beach. So she is taking a peek to the right…

Puppy Molly - exploring / CT dog lifestyle photography

Photograph 5: …and then a peek to the left.

Rottie puppy Molly - overlooking the beach / CT dog photography

Photograph 6: Finally, brother Socks has the courage to check out that log, too. So he carefully tests it with his paw – making sure it’s stable enough.

puppy Socks on beach in winter / CT pet photography

Photograph 7: After this little adventure in the snow, the puppies are happy to be back inside – where it is cozy and warm. But then little boy Socks gives me this look as if to ask: can we go out again – pleeaaassseeee?

Puppy Socks / Connecticut and Milford pet photographer

So here we go again…. More puppy snow photos to follow soon :)

Have a happy day and enjoy the soon to be winter wonder land :)

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  1. January 7, 2011 9:55 pm

    your pictures are really striking!
    (our blog runs a pet photo contest to raise $ & awareness for animal charities, if you are ever interested in submitting

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