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American Bulldog lifestyle photos / pet photographer Connecticut

January 12, 2011

Breed number three – American Bulldogs:

Friendly, gentle, affectionate and stubborn are phrases often used to describe AMERICAN BULLDOGS. This breed is known to be strong and fearless yet not at all aggressive or hostile. Typically, American Bulldogs are very fond of children and enjoy the companion of other dogs – yet are not big fans off smaller pets or cats. They have a strong guarding instinct and are very loyal to their owners/family. An American Bulldog Puppy is a happy, playful and fairly energetic bundle of fur with lots off extra skin – who grows up to be a rather calm adult. Sleeping, chilling and sometimes drooling are the favorite activities of this breed – needing relatively little exercise.

Last weekend I had the honor to photograph sweet Tyson – a 9 month young American Bulldog puppy. While American Bulldogs are typically white with some variations of tan, red and brindle, Tyson has a rare brown color. It turned out that he LOVES the beach. He did not stop chasing the incoming waves – running along the shore line. And he really liked these clams – as you will see in the photographs below. His owners and I had so much fun watching him be silly – running and jumping and being happy. He made us all laugh.

Here is a sneak preview off this fun filled photo session:

Spotted nose.

American Bulldog Portrait / CT pet photography



giving paw / CT dog and pet photographer


Goofing off with mom and dad.

Family fun / pet lifestyle photographer CT


American Bulldog Portrait / pet photographer Milford CT

Giving it a good sniff.

Giving it a good sniff / CT pet photographer

All you can eat seafood buffet on Silver Sands.

Seafood buffet / dog photographer Connecticut

That was yummy!

that was yummy / dog photographer in CT

Time for a run!

running puppy / pet action photographer CT

Jump for joy!

puppy jumping / CT pet photographer


And this is what Tyson’s owners had to say about our photo session:

“The photos turned out amazing – thank you SO much!!  I just looked at them now and can’t stop clicking through…you really captured his energy and adorable features in every photo :)”

and “That picture is absolutely adorable!! C and A (names removed by author) can’t stop raving about you! They were so impressed…not only with your photography talents and patience but also your fun personality! You can be sure we will be recommending you to all our friends and family!”

If you are looking to get your dog’s photos taken please don’t hesitate to contact me:



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