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Snow angels. | CT children photographer

February 5, 2011

Snow angels.

These three super cute girls truly are angels. Period. They are amazing. And fun.

Every time I see them I am so thankful that we took that specific Metro North Train back from NYC last summer – because this is where we met. And since then, we have become friends with their mother – who by the way is just as much fun as her kids – and the three young ladies!!

The oldest of the girls – Malenky – can recently be seen in a play called “the piano lesson” at the Yale Rep Theatre in New Haven. She is extremly talented and I would not be surprised if we will see and hear a lot more about her and her sisters in the near future.

Please enjoy the photos of my favorite snow angels. Taken at Silver Sands Beach in Milford, CT.

Photograph 1: Katjee just before sunset

Little girl | CT children photographer

Photograph 2: Three sisters

sisters | CT children photographer

Photograph 2: Jump for joy

children jumping | CT kid photographer

Photograph 4: How do I get down?

girl on high chair | CT children photographer

Photograph 5: Great view.

nice view - 3 girls | CT children photographer

Photograph 6: Happy. But cold.

young girl at Silver sands beach | CT kid photographer

Photograph 7: little Eskimo

Little Eskimo | CT children photographer

Photograph 8: Send me an angel

Little angle | CT children photographer

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