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Sweet Bridesmaids | CT Wedding photographer

February 7, 2011

The essence of learning is to have one idea spark another, to get inspired, to be curious, to live life to the fullest!


I am by nature extremely curious and adventurous. But most of all, I strongly believe that you can always learn something new. There are endless exciting ways to learn – every day! It doesn’t matter if you learn while traveling and exploring new cultures and places, or by talking to interesting people that have something to say, by reading a book, by trying out something new, by watching and observing or by attending a workshop. The child in me (yes – there is a lot of child left in me!!) – just wants to know it all :).

So yesterday, I took the chance to learn something new about wedding photography by attending an advanced photography workshop with Bob and Brooke in Milford, CT. And not only did this give me a chance to play around with my brand new flash but it was also a great opportunity to network and meet like minded people.

We had two awesome models dressed up as Bridesmaids. Our Make Up Artist Michelle Aynat ( as well as the Stylists did an awesome job and made them look even more gorgeous!! The beautiful fresh flower bouquet was provided by Tyyne (  See for yourself :)

Photograph 1: Bridesmaid and Make up Artist

Bridesmaid getting ready | CT wedding photographer

Photograph 2: Stylist at work – getting the bridesmaid’s hair done.

Getting the hair done | CT Wedding photographer

Photograph 3: Full body shot of the bridesmaid – with strictly natural light

bridesmaid | Connecticut wedding photographer

Photograph 4: Flowers and shoes

Flowers and shoes | CT wedding photographer

Photograph 5: Portrait shot of Bridesmaid

Portrait | Connecticut wedding photographer

Photograph 6: Flowers | Close Up shot

Flowers close up | CT wedding photographer

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