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Mission speed light – CT wedding photographer

February 9, 2011

My Mission: to master my brand new speed light. My goal: to take even more magical wedding photographs – especially in darker event spaces – without loosing the natural look.

My accomplishment: photographing amazing Linley indoor and outdoor – giving her the edgy look that makes her appear to be so mystical yet she looks stunningly beautiful. Personally, I love her bright sparkling eyes. They just mesmerize me. I could not have asked for a greater model for testing out that speed light – which – by the way I love already! Easy to handle – much smaller and lighter than my old one – yet nicely powerful.

As you probably know, I am a big fan of shots with the little something extra – some spice, some emotion, some creativity. But most importantly I like the natural, clean, yet magical look. When starting to use flash, I was really worried to having to sacrifice some of these things that characterize me and my photographs. But the more I’m playing with it the more I find that I have no reason to worry. So see for yourself:


Outdoor photographs:

Linley - CT wedding photographer

Edgy Bridesmaid | CT wedding photographer

Hair clip | CT wedding photographer


And indoor photographs:

indoor bridesmaid photograph | CT wedding photographer

Linley | CT wedding photographer


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