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Estilo de vida mexicano – CT lifestyle photography

February 12, 2011

Traveling. I LOVE traveling! And yes I confess: I have the travel bug :)

One of my travels last year brought me to Mexico for four days. And being me, I had the urge to venture off to meet locals – and get away from the mass tourism, the uncountable overpriced souvenir booths and all inclusive resorts. So my friend and I took the public bus to explore a few local places – and meet extraordinary people along the way. Due to our lack of spanish we communicated with signs, gestures, hand and feed – and it worked. Sometimes a smile says so much more than 1000 words…


The colors were amazing – and simple flowers growing in front of an old wall became a piece of art in this world.

Lifestyle a la Mexico | CT lifestyle photographer

An energy efficient way to dry the laundry

laundry | CT lifestyle photographer

Happiness becomes a totally different meaning here

Happiness | CT lifestyle photographer

At Mr. chicken we ran into a family lunch party – and got invited to join. The chicken was awesome!!

Family life | CT lifestyle photographer

How many people can fit on a scooter? In Mexico the answer is at least four

family life | CT lifestyle photographer

Last but not least: Enjoy a coke

coke | CT lifestyle photographer



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