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Lunar Perigees – “Supermoon”

March 21, 2011

Yesterday, Saturday March 19th, the moon was the closest to planet earth as it gets. So it appear to be larger and shine brighter than normally. This year we get extra lucky – we will have a full moon at the day of lunar perigees – this last was the case in 1995.

So when sitting in the sunporch with some friends – enjoying a glass of wine – I had to at least go and snatch a quick picture. Voila :)

Moon over water | CT photographer


The supermoon not only looked really cool, it also cause a really high tide and most off all made my dog Zazu act all bananas. So guess what – while out for our midnight walk she all off a sudden took off to – yes – chase a deer (!!) on the beach (??). No idea why one single deer was hanging out there and why in all the world she needed to go chase it (Zazu has never chased a deer before). But I was happy when we all got back home safe and sound :). lol.

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