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Fun Christmas Card Ideas | Connecticut Children Photographer

December 9, 2011

Every year before Christmas, many many couples and families in the US find themselves facing the same challenge  – what to do for our Christmas cards this year?

Creating a Christmas card is really quite simple and can be a lot of fun. How to go about it? Here are three simple steps: First off – choose a photograph that makes you happy and/or puts a smile on your face. Christmas is fun – so why shouldn’t your Christmas Card be, too? Nowadays, almost everything goes – no need to wear the same old green and red outfit from the past years – switch it up with yellows and pinks – or go for nice cream colors like beige and a soft blue. If you don’t have a nice photo available  – or want to have your cards look a bit more professional maybe – find a local photo studio to take some photos of you, your family, your kids or even your pet. At Photography and More, we usually offer discounted Mini-Sessions before Christmas which are designed to get you a couple nice photos for your cards. These sessions are shortened portrait sessions and they are not quite as individualized as our regular sessions (e.g. often they take place as a pre chosen location) – but they are still effective, fun and you get about 20 photos to chose from in the end. And because we like our photo sessions to be easy going and as natural as possible – we stay away from the studio but meet our clients at an outdoor location where we have a couple of different natural backdrops to work with. We find that pictures in a setting like this look a lot more natural – and especially children have an easier time being themselves out in a park or on the beach.

Once you have a photo selected, you can use an online print service of your choice to create your cards. For example, tiny prints and shutterfly offer cute predesigned christmas cards. And there are plenty other companies out there that have a great variety to chose from. When picking a card, try to find a design that matches the style and color scheme of your selected photograph. If your photo has a vintage look – go with a more vintage or whimsical design. If your photos has a lot of blues and greens try to find a card that either matches or compliments these colors. Don’t go too crazy – but keep it simple and fun.

Last but not least, decide on a text that fits your personality and brings YOUR christmas message across. Press order and voila – you are done :). (Well, you probably have to pay, too – but let’s not talk about this).

One last piece of advice – don’t wait until the last minute to order. Most companies take between 3-5 days to print your cards and an additional 5-7 days for shipping. Usually, an express shipping option is offered, but believe me – you are paying big bucks for it. Also, most online print stores offer a discount or special in November or early December. Search the Internet for Coupons before finalizing your order. You will be surprised how many companies actually promote their special deals online ;).

Below are some photos that make me smile – these were taken last (foggy) Monday in Milford – and will make very cute Christmas Cards.

Little girl sticking out tongue | CT Children Photographer

Girl peeking thru bench | Connecticut Children Photographer

Little girl kissing her boxer dog | CT Dog and Children Photographer

To see a few more pictures of little Zoe and her doggy, please visit Photography and More’s main website.
Happy Holidays :)
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