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Hello again.

November 20, 2012

Hello again.

In case you were wondering where I have been for the last 6 months lets just say – Wedding Season came as unexpected and suddenly as Christmas every year. It’s here before you know it and takes over your life. Woopsi. I do apologize for the lack of new photographs and blog posts and will do my best to fill this blog with new life this winter :))

Also, I have great news. We moved and my furry friends Ziva and Zazu now have a big yard all to themselves where they can chase squirrels and feel like the queens of the castle. Zazu especially enjoys this – and her favorite spot is high up on the deck – overlooking her magic queendom. And dear those little intruders – they will be closely watched – and chased if need be :)

What can I say – life has been good to us and the dogs. For Thanksgiving we will all enjoy some time in Vermont – nice hikes included. So stay tuned for photos and updates on that :)

PS: If you are still looking for that Christmas Card photo (because as we learned at the beginning of this post – Christmas – just like wedding season – comes very suddenly) – please give me a buzz – I am sure we can make it happen :) Christmas Card Specials are available at very discounted rates. Call or email me for details :)

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