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Dogs at the walk against hunger / CT pet photographer

May 16, 2011

Today, I photographed the 2nd Walk Against Hunger of this year – it is hosted by the Connecticut Food Bank.

Just as last week, there were not only kids and adults of all ages attending, but also some four pawed friends.

Please check out my website for more photos of the Walk Against Hunger events!

Labradoodle | CT pet photographer | CT dog photographer

Connecticut pet photographer

Walk against Hunger | CT pet photographer


Bulldog – Vintage pictures

March 29, 2011

While I was shooting an engagement session the other day, the family’s super cute little bulldog snuck into the photo – and since you all know how obsessed I am with dogs I could not help myself but had to get a snap shot of the little guy. Please enjoy these cute photos!


Bulldog | CT pet photographer

I like the vintage look for some of my engagement photos. So I thought why not edit a dog photo in “vintage“. Below you can see the result. I guess it is a matter of taste – but I personally really like this look!

Dog in vintage | Ct dog photographer


Please visit my wedding blog for more photos from this engagement photo session.

Lunar Perigees – “Supermoon”

March 21, 2011

Yesterday, Saturday March 19th, the moon was the closest to planet earth as it gets. So it appear to be larger and shine brighter than normally. This year we get extra lucky – we will have a full moon at the day of lunar perigees – this last was the case in 1995.

So when sitting in the sunporch with some friends – enjoying a glass of wine – I had to at least go and snatch a quick picture. Voila :)

Moon over water | CT photographer


The supermoon not only looked really cool, it also cause a really high tide and most off all made my dog Zazu act all bananas. So guess what – while out for our midnight walk she all off a sudden took off to – yes – chase a deer (!!) on the beach (??). No idea why one single deer was hanging out there and why in all the world she needed to go chase it (Zazu has never chased a deer before). But I was happy when we all got back home safe and sound :). lol.

Redefining my brand – PART 2

March 15, 2011

Dear friends and followers,


The new logo has been put to work. I proudly present my new blog: I plan on using the new blog mostly for wedding and children photography, while this existing blog here will still be updated with any entries regarding dogs, nature and travel. This way, you can pick and choose, what you are interested in and which of my blogs you want to follow (if not both). I just integrated a “subscribe” opportunity to my new blog. It is part of my menu.

I hope this change makes it easier to you to get the info and news you are looking for. Feedback is always welcome!

I also have a new Facebook fanpage for Photography and More: Check it out and become a fan!


All the best


Ps: These photos are from a wedding I shot on Friday with Steve Blazo from Steve Blazo Photo. To see more photos go to my new wedding blog :)

getting_ready | CT wedding photographer


Facelift – Photography and More – New LOGO :) | CT wedding photographer

March 6, 2011

Redefining my brand – PART 1

Step 1:

Question: What does Photography and More stand for?

Answer: Photography and More offers so much more than “just” photography – we offer you a worry free full service – from pre event consultation over location checks to the finished printed product. Want some creative and innovative ideas to spice up your wedding day? No problem – just ask :).  Thanks to my background as Event Manager, I plan my photo shoots almost like a little event. When I was shooting kids in the snow – I made sure we had time for a break and offered them hot chocolate and fresh warm waffles to warm up.  When shooting an engagement in the summer – well, there is always time for a cooling drink or some ice-cream.  And when the planning is right, even formals at your wedding do not have to feel like stress – with a little planning ahead this part can smoothly be integrated into the rest of the day.

A stressful and tiering photo shooting was yesterday! Today there is Photography and More where a photo shoot is so much more – it’s fun, it’s entertainment, it’s laughter. In short: it’s a great day out!


Step 2:

Question: What does Photography and More look like?

Answer: I’m currently working on a complete facelift of Photography and More. The fresh, warm and happy terra-cotta color remains (yes, I do love Italy and it’s art of life). But I modernized the logo and with the help of Leslie ( my brand new website will be up soon.

Today, however, I proudly present Photography and More’s new LOGO:


This is the vertical version:



And this is the more traditional horizontal version:


So I hope you like the new look. More exciting news are coming soon! So check back frequently or connect with me on Facebook



Ski Sundown – Engagement Michelle and Dave | CT wedding photographer

March 3, 2011

Spring is almost here – finally.  Aren’t we all desperately waiting for it to arrive!? Well,  I do!

But there are two sweet people here in Connecticut who really enjoy winter, ice and snow: Michelle and Dave.

As college sweethearts they used to spend a lot of time at Ski Sundown and enjoyed fun times there together. So this appeared to be the perfect spot for their winter engagement shoot (they are having photos taken during all four seasons – for their wedding sign in book). And look how much fun they had – smiles everywhere:

Engagement ring on a snowboard binding:

engagement ring / CT wedding photographer

In the lodge – taking a break and warming up

Ski lodge silhouette | CT wedding photographer

Dreaming on the mountain top

Mountain top | Ct wedding photographer

So happy together

lean on me | connecticut wedding photographer

Michelle – hiding in the trees ;)

Thru the tree | CT wedding photographer

engagement ring on ice

ring on ice | CT wedding photographer

Michelle and Dave cuddling in the chair lift

chairlift | Ct wedding photographer

Sharing old time memories and stories

Skilift | Ct wedding photographer

Ready, steady, go!

on the top | Ct wedding photographer

All good things come in threes – so here is one more colorful ring shot.

engagement ring photo | CT photographer

Jessica and Sebby’s CT winter wedding | CT wedding photography

February 21, 2011

On Saturday I had the great honor to shoot a wedding with my friends and fellow photographers Steve (blazophoto) and Anthony. The weather was extremely challenging – strong, icy wind was blowing all day long – seriously limiting our outdoor photo opportunities (and to me, the outdoor photos of bride and groom are my favorite part). But we worked with what we had and made the best of it. In situations like this you get creative  – and so I went ahead and photographed the bride and her bridesmaids in their limo instead. Enjoy the little sneak peak:


The kids that were in the wedding were adorable – I love photographing children. It’s simply fun!!

Photograph 1: Flower boy resting on the church bench before the ceremony.

Flower boy | CT wedding photographer

Photograph 2: What a face :)

little girl | CT wedding photographer

Photograph 3: Does it get any cuter? Flower boy and girl dancing together

Flower girl and boy | CT wedding photographer

Photograph 4: Bridal Party in the Party Limo

Bridal party | CT wedding photographer

Photograph 5: Colorful Flowers in pink and purple

Flowers | CT wedding photographer

Photograph 6: Limo, driver and church – all in one :)

Church and Limo | CT wedding photographer

Photograph 7: A quick snapshot of Bride and Groom outside

Bride and Groom | Ct wedding photographer

Photograph 8: Best wishes to Jessica and Sebby!!

Detail | CT wedding photographer